Day trip to Bouhachem from Tetouan


The Bouhachem National Park will offer you everything you could want from Morocco travel.  The villages of the area will supply you with cultural background of the area to see how others live, while the trekking tours will help you see the beauty of the land.  Morocco is one of the lesser traveled countries in the world, keeping it pristine for those who dare to visit.

While the peaks at the Bouhachem  National Park are not as high as those in the High Atlas Mountains they are nevertheless splendid for any trekking tours you wish to take.  Picture seeing the wildlife mentioned above while meandering around rivers and waterfalls climbing higher to view the villages far below you, and you will have a small glimpse of what the Morocco tours can offer you.

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Tour info

10 Hours
Air conditioned bus
Tour Type:
Group size:
5 to 15

Accompanied service

Special offer


Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from hotel in Tetouan by your chauffeur/guide.  We offer you an excursion to the most beautiful landscapes in the natural park of Bouhachem, after a warm welcome by Karmoun family in the Bouhachem .