Day trip akchour paradise valley


Akchour waterfall is definitely one of Morocco’s truly hidden gems. The trek goes along the river with numerous small cascades through the vigorous green fairytale forest. Surrounded by the majestic Rif Mountains, you walk passed rocks and tree stumps wrapped in green moss, changing into thick, unrestrained jungle covering the surroundings. All you can hear are the birds singing and the water running in small cascades along the bottom of the valley.

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10 Hours
Air conditioned bus
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5 to 15

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Hiking to Akchour waterfall is not directly demanding, though the trek has some steep parts. The trail is 5,5 kilometers each way and takes about 3-4 hours depending on how many stops you make on the way.

There are numerous little places with plastic chairs where you can rest and buy a cold drink cooled down in fresh river water. If you get hungry, they can also prepare you a beautiful Tagin.

When you arrive at the parking by the starting point of the trail, you walk past some restaurants and food/souvenir stalls along the river. At the start point, you can either walk straight forward on the same side of the river or you can cross a bridge to the other side of the river. The latter takes you to Akchour waterfall.

The trail is well maintained and clearly marked so you will not get lost. It crosses the river several times and some places they have put up large cement blocks you can walk on. A couple of places there are wooden bridges/ladders to cross, but their state is safe and there are still options to walk around if you do not trust them.

Once you get to the Grand Cascade make sure you walk the little path around the right side of the pool to get behind the waterfall.

The Grand Cascade is definitely worth spending time at, just enjoying the long, thin water strips running rapidly into the pool below. An outstanding waterfall I have never seen anything alike.